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About Wednesday

Hi! my name is Melissa  DeGuzman, but most people know me as Wednesday. I'm a Filipino designer, teacher, and artist based in the Bay Area. I have a strong passion for all things art, social media, and education! I graduated from San Jose State University, obtaining a degree in Design Studies with a Graphic Design focus. Currently, I work as a Programs coordinator for Local Color.

I believe the meaning of art is connection. My work reflects my life experiences, cultural background, and the lessons I've absorbed from my close friends and community. My art is increments of my values and lived events, showing how I see the world through detailed visual narratives.

My passion for digital communication stems from growing up on the internet. I immersed myself in the diverse world of art found on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Now, as an adult, I channel that enthusiasm into curating, designing, and facilitating art in digital spaces. 






-Hella Pinay

-Kearny Street Workshop

-Southern Exposure Art Gallery

-L.E.A.D. FIlipino

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