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Balay Kreative

Balay Kreative is an organization that supports local Bay Area Filipino artists. They provide resources to their resident artists, giving them stipends, residencies, workshops, exhibition spaces, and more. Their goal is to cultivate its community, where Filipino artists have a space in the hustle and bustle of San Francisco, maintaining its thriving art scene.

Cultural Kultivators: AJ Rafael Graphics


Balay Kreative hosts and uploads their podcast, "Cultural Kultivators." Their podcast features prominent FilAm artists to talk about their journey. I had to garner Balay's followers to listen to the podcast.


Create promotional content to create awareness of Episode 6's AJ Rafael. I created & designed various posts, including a promotional reel, IG story graphics, and instagram posts. I also outreached to other podcasts, promoting the show.


5k+ reel views overnight for both reels. These surpassed our average reach

Support from other podcasts & influencers through my outreach effort

high performing IG  analytics, attracting new listeners


Instagram reel, story, and post content for AJ Rafael's Cultural Kultivators feature

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