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things we forget in design

since i started education for design, i've been finding myself feeling the pressure of having the "perfect" composition. though i'm grateful that i'm learning design principles, i forgot the freedom and expression i felt when I was self teaching. in pursuing the approval of what other's would deem as good design, i forgot about my own voice message. here are reminders to myself that i forget when creating.

create with intent

though not every project will turn out the way we want it to look, intention makes it count. sometimes, we tend to forget about the fun in our work because we are just so focused on getting down a deadline. remember why you create and the purpose of it!

have fun!

some projects don't need to have a purpose. it could just be a source of release. break the rules with it! have fun! sometimes having freedom gives us a lot of new ideas. with every piece you learn something new, every mistake is a step to having a better eye for design.

don't lose your voice

though there will be projects that you must follow within the lines of instructions, never forget your own goals in design. we lose our way after doing so many projects that aren't necessarily fun for us. always make time to design personal projects that reflect who you are. the artist is just as important as the art they make, so make it count.

embrace imperfections

it's funny how i have an attention to detail, but also embrace the unsteadiness in my work sometimes. imperfections can add so much character to an artwork. This is not saying don't clean up your art! Always try to make it look professional. However, what I am saying is that imperfections help us show our voices and humanizes our work a little more. don't be afraid of them!

remember your worth

we often compare ourselves to those around us and sometimes it makes us feel like terrible artists. instead of comparison, focus on your growth as an artist. recognize how far you've come to get to this point. seeing that will motivate you to get even better with your work

get inspiration from everywhere

if you see my illustration page, each setting is different. i don't just get my inspiration from other artists and magazines (though that's helpful as well!), i also get it from my every day life. i take reference pictures of cities in the bay area and mark down specific streets and locations to look up later. i also love to draw from personal experiences, often drawing illustrations on topics i'm passionate about.

try new techniques

we are constantly learning new things, do not  be afraid to try something new in your design! we get so comfortable with what works for our art that over time it becomes repetitive. new techniques can make us better artists and surprise our audience with something new!

be open to criticism, but don't take it personally

bad critiques makes me want to hide in a hole forever and never crawl out. our art is so personal to us and when something is said about it, we just want to defend our artistic choices. however, critiques help us see with a fresh pair of eyes. something we might miss is something that someone notices first. 

another thing about critiques is to not let it define your skill as an artist. think of them as more of a road map in where you are and redirect yourself!

building connections matter!

no matter how clean cut your designs are, you need to have an element of connecting with others. many believe that you can't make friends in a field you're competing in, but lets stop thinking of everything as a competition. instead, lets contribute to supporting and connecting with others. your help could carry you far, and bring you new opportunities through word of mouth. more importantly, this field is already intimidating enough. lets actively make those around us feel like they aren't alone. having support around you is good for your mental health!

lastly (and most importantly), TAKE BREAKS

i noticed within myself and the artists around me, we never give ourselves breaks. TAKE. A. BREAK. i cannot stress enough how dangerous burnout is. deadlines are important but your mental and physical health matters too. as in the groove we can feel in our work, train your body to remind yourself to sit, drink water, and take a break in between art sessions. try your best to get a full nights rest and destress by taking walks outside.

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