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Drop by drop: Web Design

"Drop by Drop", a mock organization, is dedicated to making small changes for big impacts. It is an environmental activism organization meant to hold our followers, or "droplets" accountable for water conservation. To have our droplets continue to make daily changes, we incentivized them through tiny rewards utilizing monthly badges and track their progress via physical calendar and website. this organization is fictional, created for SJSU's Senior Design Class.


In this group project, I had to figure out a way to make an engaging website. I had to figure out ways to create an interactive, fun website for vistors. On top of that, I had to figure out a way to create cohesion with the branding style and color.


To create an engaging website, I created a visual landscape for the home page. I added cute plankton vector images for each of our navigation buttons. Adding to that, I created a calendar page that showcases the badges, animal information, and how much % of the goal was made. The last page I designed is the "droplet progress page," showcasing a bar graph of the changes the user inputs. Using the bar graph showcases accountability, striving to continue to making progress. 


Recieved a full A+ on the project

learned how to make effective website design for a cause

worked productively and amicably with a group of four other members, landing us a full score in the project

showcased at SJSU BA exhibition


Instagram stories, design assets, and post content for Their Creativity's rebrand!

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