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Kultivate Labs

In my role at Kultivate Labs as a Social Media Coordinator/ designer, I undertook various projects as part of their marketing team. I designed various graphics and flyers for their events & campaigns, connected with the community in running their social media, and helped brainstorm creative ideas during marketing sessions.  

UNDSCVRD SF IG Sticker Campaign


Kultivate Lab's event, UNDISCOVERED SF, needed a unique way to market their brand outside of standard IG reels and posts.


Kickstart campaign by animating pre-made graphics, (designed by Andre Sibayan) 

uploading gifs to service, and creating an instagram reel to Undiscovered SF's instagram account to advertise new stickers. 


10K+ sticker views & uses upon first 4 days of uploading 

Uptick in brand awareness and traffic via increasing SEO value on GIPHY & Instagram.

Kultivate Labs Sticker-downsized_large.gif
Kultivate Labs Sticker-downsized_large (2).gif
Philippines Saying Sticker by Kultivate Labs-downsized_large.gif
Kultivate Labs Sticker-downsized_large (1).gif

Kapwa Gardens: ManyStyles Event


Kultivate Labs needed to market their Filipino Martial Arts event, Many Styles, located in their event center, Kapwa Gardens, as the event was drawing closer.


Curated designs for their online panel discussion, "Kapwa Korner" with ManyStyle's instructors. Created various instagram story & post designs to advertise the three-part event.


Followers clicked on Many Styles Link, garnering more attendents.

 Notified followers & attendees of panel discussion, drawing more attention and interest in the event

ManyStyles Campaign.png
Kapwa Korner 3
Kapwa Korner 2
Kapwa Korner 1
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