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Martha Street Art Night


Forest Green final shirt design


Baby Blue final shirt design

background + goal

A local San Jose community organization, Martha Street Art Night, reached out to me to create a T-Shirt for their event. The event was called "Community Kick Back," where artists from around the Bay Area showcased their artwork at Empire 7 Studios. 

Martha Street wanted their T-Shirt merch to represent the community, setting the tone for their "Community Kick Back" event. 

First digital iteration before slight changes


Second and final sketch of design


There were many elements I incorporated to reflect the sentiments of the Community Kick Back event. I decided to draw four subjects in the design, with two friends hugging in the foreground with two others in the back. In doing so, I depicted togetherness, intimacy, and warmth–– factors that represent community care, mirroring Martha Street's values


Together, we came up with two different t-shirt colors: Kelly Green and Baby Blue shirts against a Yellow printed design. We knew that these color combinations interact with each other well, accentuating and centering the design. 

Forest Green final digital design


Baby Blue final digital design

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