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SF Parol Festival is an annual Filipino festival in the SOMA district celebrating Filipino tradition, centering the "Parol," or Christmas Lantern. On it's 23rd anniversary, Parol Lantern Festival presents live music and performances, free food, and a Parol parade. With over 3,000 guests per year, SF Parol Festival's reputation preserves the legacy of Filipinos in the Bay Area. You can view all my designs on the Parol Fest Website


SF Parol Festival needed to market their upcoming event. Utilizing instagram to drive traffic to their website and ticket sales, they needed designs and social media content for their 23rd annual festival. Alongside ticket sales, they sought out volunteers as well.


In being hired by SoMA Pilipinas, I had to design and curate social media content for their big festival. Following given assets they provided me as well as a color scheme, I batched, designed, and curated instagram stories and posts to gear up the public for another year of SF Parol Fest. I also created "call for volunteers" posts


engagement soared, with 250%+  increase in follower (and non-follower) interaction 

upped website and website clicks through instagram stories

amassed dozens of ticket sales, bringing awareness of SF parol Fest through instagram posts and designs.

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