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Their COllective Design Explorations


"Their Collective" is a creative platform exclusively on Instagram. I created this account because I felt the need to create a space to boost the work of emerging small artists, prioritizing LGBTQ+ and artists of color. The goal of using a platform to uplift and promote the works of these emerging artists is to give them recognition, a chance to network, and to garner creative opportunities for them.

How this platform works is simple. The process is submission based, where the artist who would like to be featured clicks on the google doc link on Their Collective's bio. I then review their works and if approved, they get a "spotlight week." This "spotlight week" includes three of their best works as three separate Instagram posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They also have a "story spotlight" day on that same week, where the artists posts their BTS processes, answer questions, and give advice on Their Collective's IG story section.

Story Spotlight Breakdown

artist story mockup

This portion of the "Spotlight Week" includes an introductory story. This will be the very first post that introduces the audience to the featured artist, giving the viewers a warm welcome and introduction to said artist.

This portion is where the artist sends me a headshot along with a written artist statement or bio of who they are. For the background, I made sure to use gradients of purple, orange, and pink to give that warm and welcoming feeling. I also added organically shaped lines to frame the artist (and give an extra something to the negative space). The centerpiece is bordered to signal to the viewers the most important part of the story: the artist.  This notion showcased through a hierarchical centerpiece: a headshot in the center, followed by their name in bold, and an italicized bio slightly smaller than the name portion. 

This is the Story Spotlight assets portion. These assets are placed on a relevant and respective story video/ picture the featured artist posts.

I made these with bright, warm colors and cutesy graphics to 1) make the story interesting and 2) to signify to the viewers a summary of what the artist is presenting in a simple graphic 


Their Collective Assets 2
Their Collective Assets 1

IG Post Graphics Break Down


This is the exploration for announcement-based posts. Usually, Their Collective's posts themselves are the featured artist's work, but this design template is for announcements regarding the page or artist statements. These are the posts for their collective's comeback, announcing a call for submissions after its long hiatus due to rebranding. 


Cohesiveness and cleanliness with this platform's design are upheld.  It follows the theme of organically shaped lines, AureaUltra type, warm and bright color schemes, and border frames for the centerpiece.  I felt as though making a design with these elements allows the viewers to associate fun, warmth, and creativity with each of the featured artists. 

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