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Their Creativity

Founded by me, Their Creativity is a creative platform on Instagram showcasing the works of emerging artists worldwide. Each week, TC spotlights a new artist, diving into their behind-the-scenes processes, their work, and who they are as people. TC is currently at season 3, with a relaunch after its hiatus from the Pandemic.

Their Creativity Post



Their Creativity is coming back from a three year hiatus. Rebranding from it's original name "Girl Collective," Their Creativity aims to be an inclusive space for all artists to share their work and talents. This meant Kickstarting our next round of artists for Season 3!


TC's major step in the right direction was to come back as "Their Creativity." This came with brand new design assets, logos, and even a mascot, All of which I designed myself

Another step in rebranding was to utilize every feature on instagram for marketing. I designed reels, stories, and posts for each artist & TC updates/ general content. 


Amassed 4k+ views on our very first reel

Upped our reach by 848%, with 2k+ people new to the account engaging with TC.

Allowed for more eyes on the artists, ensuring that people were seeing their content and supporting their art.

Their Creativity Spotlight Story Graphic
My name is Diana and I’m an artist!_edit
curious simple cartoon bear vector
cartoon bear crying illustration

Instagram stories, design assets, and post content for Their Creativity's rebrand!

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